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Charity butler

client highlight

Charity joined ASPIRE on September 8, 2014. She's logged 975 classes, and 935.75 hours! Health and wellness was not always a priority in Charity's life. Learn more about what motivates her to keep driving forward in her journey! 


In her words ...

 "I grew up in the Philippines where fresh seafood and farm to table was typical, so eating clean was something that I learned at an early age. However, after college, I worked in a job that made me sit all day inside, and that's where I started to develop poor eating habits, and began gaining weight. The turning point for me was when I was tired of feeling tired and overall lousy, so I joined a local gym. 


Fitness has become so important to me because I feel the endorphins after a great workout, which trigger positive feelings, and give me more energy. I had postpartum depression in 2003, so exercise was my way of feeling good about myself!


My favorite classes are BODYSTEP, BODYATTACK and TRX. I love the variety and a great challenge. I love that winded, shaking, dripping sweat feeling! It reminds me that I've pushed myself to my maximum potential. A huge benefit to doing classes is that the people I've met have become close, lifelong friends, who have also become my accountability partners. For anyone who feels intimidated about starting their fitness journey, think of this as an investment in YOU. Think of your long-term goals and health. You're worth it! 

My five simple rules that I live by are: 

  1.  Eat Clean
  2. Never Miss a Monday
  3. Never go three-days without exercise
  4. Workout at least three-days per week
  5. Never give up!


Finally, I want to share my favorite quote! "Your body can stand almost anything. It's your mind that you have to convince." 




kerri azar

member highlight

Kerri joined ASPIRE on June 15, 2015, and has attended 1,425 classes, which is 1,355.75 hours of fitness at ASPIRE! Prior to ASPIRE, she was streaming fitness videos from home, until a friend convinced her to try group fitness. 

In her words . . . 

"Coming to ASPIRE is part of my daily routine. I don't give myself the option to skip. There are days when I don't feel like working out, but I know I will feel worse if I don't show up! Exercise is a stress reliever for me. I push myself to my limit, and forget about everything else. I also want my kids to see that fitness and being healthy is important, so I want to lead by example. I'm very motivated by the others who show up for class! BODYSTEP™ is currently my favorite class!

For anyone who struggles to find the motivation to get started,  I want you to know that you are worth it! As Jillian Michaels says, "You have to find your why. WHY do you want to be fit and healthy? You have to find what drives you beyond just your feelings. You won't always feel like showing up, or making a healthy choice on the dinner menu, but it's easier when you know your WHY. Oh, and buy yourself some cute clothing to workout in .. it helps!" 


PT Client Highlight - Amber R.

Trainer | krisha davis

ATF: What was your motivation for starting personal training?

Amber: My motivation to begin training with Krisha was to really take my fitness to the next level and Krisha's excitment and motivation for me to be the best I can be.

ATF: What was your first session like, were you nervous? 

AmberMy first training session I was so scared and excited at the same time. I remember she pushed me out of my comfort zone, she never let up snd I'm pretty sure I was dreaming about planks and her saying just one more that night... but it was never just one more! Lol! The ab roller doohickey is evil! The trx straps! There wasn't one session that I didn't dread a little. Our bodies can do amazing things. Krisha taught me my body won't change unless I push it, which means I'll be uncomfortable and it will be HARD.

ATF: Tell us how you felt after your first session. Where you sore for days?

AmberSore is a mild way of putting how I felt the first week. My whole body hurt and I remember groaning a lot. Sitting up and down gracefully was a challenge.

ATF: What is your typical weekly workout schedule?

Amber: I try to go Monday through Friday at ASPIRE. If I miss a weekday class I like to make it up on a Saturday. I love BODYPUMP™, Booty Blast, Sculpt fusion, Yoga and Barre . I also love walking and playing tennis with the family. Always trying to keep active.

ATF: How has your nutrition changed over the past year?

Amber: Nutrition is KEY! I couldn't see all my muscles unless I got the fat off. Macros, Macros, Macros! My body changes and I do so much better when I'm on the lower carb end but Krisha set me up for success with Macros. I use my fitness pal app and everything is logged. I'm not perfect so when I want a piece of cake or a trip to froyo, I can plan for it and calculate it in my plan with no guilt.

ATF: What else would you like to share? 

Amber: I just want to share that I've known Krisha long before I came to Aspire. I would listen as she told me of the classes she was teaching with such excitment and enthusiasm, and was completely inspired! I bought a Groupon for ASPIRE at 215 pounds. A year later with 4 of those months training with Krisha I'm down 45 pounds. I still have a little way to go but I can play with my kids without gasping for air and go on long walks or even jog for fun! I use to have extreme back pain and I was tired all the time. I told Krisha when I started that I wanted this to be my thing. At 41 I've never felt better!  

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(For Reference, ATF: ASPIRE Total Fitness | J: June)

ATF: What was your motivation to begin personal training with your trainer?

J: Three-years ago, I was entering into my mid 50's, and wanting to feel better and have more energy. I am a breast cancer survivor and wanted to get in shape. My daughter Ally had started working at ASPIRE with Holly, and she encouraged me to start taking classes. Ally then suggested to try some personal training with Amanda. She spoke so highly about Amanda, and since Holly had hired her, I knew she would be awesome! I purchased the "New Client Special," and was hooked before the last session was up, so I signed up for more. I've been committed ever since! My reward is having Amanda work with me one-on-one to c...

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