November PT Client Highlight - Serbrina


(For Reference, ATF: ASPIRE Total Fitness | S: Serbrina)

1) ATF: What was your motivation to begin personal training with Amanda?

S: I began training with Amanda September 2015, one month before my foot reconstruction surgery.  Hiring Amanda has been one of the smarter decisions I have made.  My fitness before my surgery was on a downhill slide and I knew after my foot surgery it would only get worse without help.  Amanda has improved my fitness level dramatically in the last year even with months of foot recovery.  She also has been very helpful to me on an emotional level.  I have had some real “pity party” days when I felt my foot was never going to get well or one of my, “I’m too old for this and what was the point” days.  She has been a good listener, kind, patient, supportive, and has kept me motivated through it all.  Amanda knows her stuff.  I have stayed injury-free because she has improved my form when working out and has kept me consistent.  She has helped me feel so much better about myself because I feel good physically and, therefore, mentally I feel better about myself and life in general.



2) ATF: What was your first training session like?

S: My memory is a bit vague about that first day but I think I was hopeful it was a smart decision and that my expectations of Amanda would be met.  The first day as I remember was about establishing where I was fitness wise, what I was wanting to achieve and what goals I had such as being able to run a race, etc.  I was weighed and measured and we did a light workout.


 3) ATF: Do you remember how sore you were the first week? Or was it not too bad?

S: I was sore but not, “I can’t lift my toothbrush to my mouth,” or, “sit down on the toilet seat without wanting to scream,” kind of sore.  Amanda was very careful and methodical on increasing my workout regime so that I would not get over trained and become susceptible to injury.


 4) ATF: How many days per week do you train? How many days per week do you workout in between?

S: I train 2 days a week and I do classes 3 to 4 days a week.


5)  ATF: Which classes do you take at ASPIRE? What does your typical weekly workout regimen look like?

S: I take BODYPUMP, Barre, TRX Bootcamp, Yoga, and BODYFLOW.  In the near future I want to incorporate more of the cardio type classes such as BODYSTEP, BODYATTACK, and HIIT into my workout schedule.


6)  ATF: How has your nutrition mindset changed? What kind of nutrition program has Amanda recommended for you? How has your food impacted to your fitness goals?

My nutrition has not changed a great deal.  Amanda has helped me balance my Macronutrients so that I get the most benefit from nutrition.  I use the My Fitness Pal app to track my food intake which Amanda approves of.  I mostly follow, 80%, the Paleo diet.  When I stay true to the Paleo diet I feel better.  Since I have been Paleo, all my annual checkup numbers, blood sugar, cholesterol, etc. have improved and are now good to excellent.


7) ATF: What has been the most rewarding part of your success?

S: I think the message I would like to share is that you are never too old to start a fitness program and that for those who are young, if you care for your body now, it will serve you well into your senior years.  I know for a fact the saying “Use it or lose it” is very true.  You have to consistently exercise and eat well to continue to thrive as you age.  You do not want to suddenly realize you cannot get up off the floor without help.  It can happen sooner than you think it will.  For me, my success had been regaining and maintaining my fitness and I am planning next year for my 59th birthday to hike the Grand Canyon rim to rim!


9) ATF: Final thoughts?

S: Aspire is a wonderful place to go every day.  It has a welcoming and nurturing atmosphere.  All of the instructors are so positive, professional, and helpful.  I’m always promoting it to everyone because I know how much they will enjoy and benefit from going there.  I know how much I have.  Thank you.

"Serbrina's goal is to hike the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim on her 59th birthday next year!"

"Serbrina's goal is to hike the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim on her 59th birthday next year!"

Serbrina shows up to every session with a positive attitude ready to work!!! In a cast or not always smiling ready to tackle any workout I have in store for her. She has been training with me 2x a week for almost a year and a half now and hardly ever misses a session! Her dedication to her health and fitness is inspiring! Not only does she train with me 2x a week she takes classes on the days she does not see me, does her cardio and focuses on eating a healthy balanced diet. Aside from her dedication, she has made some serious progress over the last year and a half! Serbrina started to train with me right before a major foot and calf surgery. Right after her surgery still in a cast she was right back to training 2x a week (dedication again I know ). Going from having foot/ calf surgery to heavy deadlifting, heavy box squats, squat jumps, lunges, step ups etc... and being one of the strongest women I know to me is so inspiring!!!! I am so proud of Serbrina and so thankful for such a determined dedicated client!  - Amanda (Personal Trainer)