Intimidated About Group Fitness?

You "wish" you were not afraid or intimidated about joining a new gym, but let's face it, you are. We get it! Joining a new gym can be daunting; it feels like everyone but you knows what they're doing, all of the members are BFF's, and you question your place in the new setting. But fear of feeling embarrassed is no reason to avoid it, especially if you're not exercising now. The only way you'll get started is by, well .. getting started! Everyone has a beginning, and there comes a point when you have to realize that only you have control of taking that step forward. 

The idea of trying to keep up with complicated routines and unfamiliar moves in front of a bunch of strangers isn’t exactly appealing, especially to a beginner. But group fitness classes are so much more than that. They not only improve your health, they also teach you new skills, give you a group of exercise buddies, and make you feel good about yourself. True story!

Here are my top 7 reasons to give group fitness a try! 


1. They Give you a Sense of Community.

At ASPIRE, we strive to build a community within our community. I'm often told how appreciative members are for ASPIRE, due to the friendships and networks that have been created. Small business owners support each other, friendships are made by adults and children, and then inevitably you become stronger, fitter and a better version of yourself from attending the classes. That is such a positive return on your investment! 

2. They Help You Appreciate the Diversity of Bodies.

When I was the group fitness student, my mind used to wander while I was doing a squat or jumping jacks, and I would start thinking about the other people in the room: I love that girls hair color, I want those leggings, that man is so flexible, she has a great butt, etc. -

How wonderful it is to be surrounded by a group of active people who look so different from one another, compared to the homogenous image we’re fed in advertising and social media. Being part of the group will hopefully make you appreciate what is unique and positive about your own body, and if someone has a body that you admire, let that motivate and inspire you rather than make you feel less about yourself. Comparison kills the spirit! 

3. You'll Likely Get a Better, and More Effective Workout in a Group setting. 

I don’t know about you, but I rarely workout for an hour non-stop unless someone is leading me through it, which is the perk of having an instructor! If you can't stand the treadmill or elliptical machine, group fitness classes may be a better fit for you. Fitness classes are excellent for beginners, or those who are bored of their usual routine. Some classes are just strength or just cardio, and many are a fusion of both. At ASPIRE, we offer a wide variety for every fitness level! 

4. They Will Help you to Relieve Stress.

Exercise is the magic pill that helps you to sleep, increase mood, reduce stress, build physical and mental health, and develop self-confidence. If you seek to live a life of happiness and optimal health, and hope to set a positive example for your children (if you're a parent), neglecting exercise due to intimidation is truly a waste of energy. Just take the leap, we promise that you'll wish you would have started sooner! 

6. You'll Have FUN!

Group Fitness is a lot more fun than trying to figure out your own routine at the gym, waiting for equipment, and not having like-minded people around you. At ASPIRE, we make it a priority to welcome every single new client, and make you feel successful by the end of your workout. Our instructors are fun, energetic, dynamic, and have enormous passion for their role as a group fitness instructor!


The most important reason for group fitness is that you'll get RESULTS! 100%! Our classes are created to offer diversity, to increase your metabolism, build muscle and reduce fat. If you dedicate just three-days a week to our classes, you'll begin to see results soon after. 

Ready to get started? Contact Holly about a private tour, and guidance on the which classes are the best fit for you! In September, we'll be adding two beginner classes during the week! Email to schedule at -