April PT Client Highlight - Kim

(For Reference, ATF: ASPIRE Total Fitness | K: Kim)

1.) ATF: What was your motivation to begin personal training with Amanda?

K: I’ll admit that my motivation comes from part vanity but also part necessity to maintain a strong body. I am in a bit of a “battle” against the progression of rheumatoid arthritis and seeing patients in the waiting room of my rheumatologist’s office is very motivating. 


2.) ATF: What was your first training session like?

K: I’ve had two other personal trainers in the past and they tended to baby me. I only realize this now because Amanda does not baby me and that is why I have never felt stronger or been more fit in my life. She started me out with harder work than I had experienced in the past.  But if I can do it, believe me anyone can! I am very grateful for Amanda and her style and expertise. She is very knowledgeable in her profession...I trust her and I know she wants only the best for me. She’s the first person I interact with on several mornings of each week and you have to really like/love someone you spend that much time with!! She’s great!

3.) ATF: Do you remember how sore you were the first week? Or was it not too bad?

K: I don’t recall my first week soreness but feeling a little sore always makes me feel the workout was a success, so I don’t mind! 


4.) ATF: How man-days per week do you train? How many days per week do you workout in between?

K: I try to do two days of training and three workouts. That’s my max.


5.) ATF: Which classes do you take at ASPIRE? What does your typical weekly workout regimen look like?

K: Two days of GRIT, two days of PT, and one day of BodyPump is the goal. Saturday mornings with Krisha!! No better way to start the weekend!

6.) ATF: How has your nutrition mindset changed? What kind of nutrition program has Amanda recommended for you? How has your food impacted your fitness goals?

K: Over the three years at ASPIRE, (and with Amanda’s nutrition guidance) I have, at times, adhered to meal plans with strict self-control.  When I do this, I see great results!


7.) ATF: What has been the most rewarding part of your success?

K: I would recommend to anyone, that committing to a fitness regimen is ALWAYS worth the extra time and effort!  We all hear about the benefits; mood, outlook, self-image, positive feelings of self-worth, stamina, etc., and it is TRUE.  I have learned that for me, the best way to approach it, is to make up your mind that you will succeed at staying committed and if you do that, you don’t have to think about anything else.  All the above benefits will just happen!