21 Days to Thrive

21-days to THRIVE


Have you tried every new fad diet, cut out all carbs and gluten for a few weeks here and there, or tried a few juice cleanses only to go back to your old habits and feel frustrated? I understand what it means to be busy, tired and overwhelmed, and it's easy to put your nutrition on the back burner. The 21-days to THRIVE will offer the following:

  • Initial 50-minute medical history and program planning session

  • Weekly food log review (three-weeks total)

  • Introduction to intuitive eating and label reading

  • Meal planning ideas

  • Pantry and kitchen clean up

  • Accountability and long-term goal setting

  • Cookbook

How you'll feel:

  • More energy

  • Decrease in body fat/inches

  • Sleep better

  • Less bloating/puffy

  • More confident and interested in meal planning and eating cleaner

  • Happier!