Small Group Training 

Aspire Small Group Strength

Aspire Small Group Strength is a small group of 5-6 maximum per class. Each of our ASGS sessions is 8 weeks long (plus one make up), you will lift heavier weights in lower reps to build strength. One of our certified personal trainers will coach you through these sessions on correct form, more one on one coaching time, and you will get strong! Please call our front desk or email [email protected] to register or check available options.


Non-Member Pricing is $159.00 per session

Member Pricing $139.00 per session


Sessions Restart January 2021: Current Sessions

Monday 4-5pm

Tuesday 5:15-6:15am

Wednesday 4:14-5:15pm

Thursday 5-6pm



aspire ignite

Begins january 2021 

Aspire Ignite is a small group program with 4 clients maximum. Our Aspire Ignite program runs in 8 weeks sessions, coached by one of our certified personal trainers. In your ASPIRE Ignite groups, you will meet with your small group once a week for a tailored workout to your groups needs. This will also include 8 weeks of nutritional coaching within your group. Each client will get starting and ending measurements, calories calculated for each specific client, and in addition to your once a week workout, you will have a once a week group nutrition check in with your trainer. 

ASPIRE Ignite is $175 per session

Our current sessions:

Please call our front desk or email [email protected] to register or check avaialble options.

aSPIRE beginners bootcamp

coming january 2021

 Beginner Bootcamp is a program designed for anyone who wants to start their fitness journey or even start it over without having to jump right into the larger scale, more intense group fitness classes. Group fitness can be intimidating if you haven’t tried it before, with our beginners bootcamp group, you will be in a smaller group setting with other people on the same journey as you! This bootcamp is great for any fitness level, and any age or maybe you are just making a come back! Our ABB is run by one of our certified personal trainers, you will meet for a bootcamp class at ASPIRE once a week for a 60 minute workout to kick start your fitness and journey to health!

Session 1 starts January 2nd 11am-12pm

please call our front desk or email [email protected] to reserve a spot!

Non-Member Price $159.00

Member price $139.00

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