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June PT Highlight - June

(For Reference, ATF: ASPIRE Total Fitness | J: June)

ATF: What was your motivation to begin personal training with your trainer?

J: Three-years ago, I was entering into my mid 50's, and wanting to feel better and have more energy. I am a breast cancer survivor and wanted to get in shape. My daughter Ally had started working at ASPIRE with Holly, and she encouraged me to start taking classes. Ally then suggested to try some personal training with Amanda. She spoke so highly about Amanda, and since Holly had hired her, I knew she would be awesome! I purchased the "New Client Special," and was hooked before the last session was up, so I signed up for more. I've been committed ever since! My reward is having Amanda work with me one-on-one to correct my form, motivate me, encourage healthy eating, and make me accountable. She genuinely cares about me and my goals. I have jokingly referred to her training room as, “Amanda’s torture chamber”, but in truth, it has become my safe place.

ATF: What was your first training session like? Were you nervous? Fired up and ready? What did your trainer have you do?

J: I was so nervous for my first training session. I didn’t know what to expect, and I didn’t know if I would embarrass myself. I felt vulnerable having my weight and measurements taken, however, Amanda made me feel welcome, relaxed, and was so helpful without being overwhelmed. I remember feeling happy, and excited to come back.

ATF: Do you remember how sore you were the first week? Or was it not too bad?

J: I had already been taking classes at ASPIRE, so my first few weeks of personal training were not that bad, however, Amanda continues to ask me before each session, “How are you feeling – are you sore anywhere?” She's always checking in!

ATF: How many days per week do you train? How many days per week do you workout in between?

I train with Amanda two-times per week, and also do GRIT two-times per week. I try to take two-classes per week when I can! My favorite is BODYSTEP on Saturday morning!

ATF: DWhat does your typical weekly workout regimen look like?


GRIT on Monday morning
PT on Tuesday
GRIT on Wednesday morning
PT on Thursday
Friday is usually a REST day
Step Class on Saturday morning
Bootcamp on Sunday
**Plus I walk my dog 1-2 miles every day!

ATF: How has your nutrition changed? What kind of nutrition program has your trainer recommended for you? How has your food impacted to your fitness goals?

J: Amanda has been coaching me on nutrition with me since day one! Some days are good, and some are bad. I am still struggling with sticking with a meal plan, or just remembering to eat! I have a packed schedule. She has really helped me with:

· Eating breakfast (three-years ago I never ate breakfast)

· Consuming protein after I workout (this was a new concept for me)

· Trying to eat something every three hours (I still forget to eat)

· Drinking water and the importance of staying hydrated

ATF: What else would you like to share that might inspire, motivate and encourage others to begin their fitness journey? What has been the most rewarding part of your success?

J: I’d like to say that personal training isn’t just for young women who are wanting to get a great body. Personal training is for everyone, and if you are like me, a busy woman whose whole goal is to feel better and to be healthy and fit, then I can't recommend it enough! Amanda always tells me that I am stronger than I think I am. I now believe it, training has really increased my confidence. It's a journey that I take one day at a time, but’s is so nice to have someone on the path with me, cheering me on!

Over the past three-years, I have laughed and cried with Amanda. Sometimes it is emotions that need to released, and she has encouraged that and supported me through it all!